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Do you ever feel like your brain is on fire, spilling out one clickbait headline after another? It feels impossible, maybe even risky or dangerous, to ignore these thoughts. You’re constantly evaluating risks, and trying to figure out "what is normal?" You’re not sure how to separate “anxiety” from “maternal instinct,” because it feels like the wires are crossed.  

Your anxiety doesn't have to run the show. Can you imagine learning to look at anxiety in a different light, and being able to take what's useful from it, and leave the rest behind? I can help you shift your relationship to anxiety, and learn to turn down the volume on those intrusive thoughts.

Anxiety, Intrusive Thoughts, and OCD.

"Worry never robs tomorrow of its sorrow. It only saps today of its joy." Leo Buscaglia

Did you know that postpartum anxiety is almost four times more prevalent than postpartum depression? No matter what flavour of anxiety you're experiencing, you are not alone! And we can find ways to help you feel more able to live well in spite of anxiety, rather than it determining the quality of your life. 

We will explore how anxiety shows up for you, whether you're experiencing general anxiety, scary thoughts, or compulsive behaviours, and collaboratively determine the best treatment path -- which always includes meeting you where you are, and providing gentle encouragement and support so that your anxiety is no longer making decisions for you. Therapy can help you understand how and why intrusive thoughts show up, and why they are so disturbing and consuming. You can learn how to identify compulsive behaviours, and how to bring compassion -- rather than self-criticism -- to these coping strategies, so that we can start to change these behaviours. 

I integrate evidence-based approaches for anxiety and OCD, including mindfulness and Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, along with exposure and response prevention, and inference-based cognitive-behavioural therapy where indicated.

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